官方版块--Filecoin Liftoff Week活动第五天回顾

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  2020年10月24日,Filecoin官方团队发布了有关Filecoin Liftoff Week活动第五天的回顾,主题是:在巨人的肩膀上。云储科技小助手团队第一时间捕捉到相关热点,带你了解活动实时资讯!



  官方版块--Filecoin Liftoff Week活动第五天回顾

  今天,我们在Filecoin Liftoff Week(最后一天)结束了第五天的活动。我们听到Filecoin创始人Juan Benet,以太坊联合创始人Joe Lubin,区块链协会执行董事Kristin Smith,Hyperledger执行董事Brian Behlendorf,世界经济论坛Sheila Warren的区块链负责人和DLT的消息。以下是今天“ Filecoin的未来”活动的一些亮点。

  Today we wrapped up day 5 at Filecoin Liftoff Week - our final day. We heard from Filecoin founder Juan Benet, Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin, Blockchain Association Executive Director Kristin Smith, Hyperledger Executive Director Brian Behlendorf, Head of Blockchain and DLT at the World Economic Forum Sheila Warren, and more. Here are some highlights from today’s “Future of Filecoin” events.

  官方版块--Filecoin Liftoff Week活动第五天回顾



  今天,我们听取了区块链协会执行董事Kristin Smith和Anchorage总法律顾问Georgia Quinn在两个项目上:“更好地连接:政府对Web3的支持”和“会见Filecoin基金会”上的发言,在这两个事件中,Smith和Quinn讨论了政府在可持续区块链协议演进中所扮演的、将要扮演的角色以及不应该(不应该)扮演的角色。Smith强调了她认为应该解决的一些主要政策目标,包括:如何对不同的加密资产进行分类,清晰的税法以及针对加密市场的明确立法方法。Quinn强调说,与以前的互联网和技术发展时代不同,(美国)政府并未公开积极地资助去中心化网络的发展。并指出,当资金来自机构时,主要来自大学,研究公司和企业,而不是政府。这些资金的流动加速了区块链的发展,政府有可能为该技术的发展提供额外的支持。然而,关于政府对区块链技术的参与,有一件事仍然很清楚。正如Smith强调的那样,至关重要的是,在未来的几个月和几年内,不会通过损害区块链发展的立法措施。电子前沿基金会战略总监Danny O'Brien在随后的会议中回应了这一观点。他强调指出,着重于消除大型技术力量的立法可能会损害分布式存储技术的发展。如果反对大技术立法的第二个后果是拆除区块链技术,那么把权力还给人民的总体目标就成为泡影。

  Today we heard fromBlockchain AssociationExecutive Director Kristin Smith andAnchorageGeneral Counsel Georgia Quinn at two programs - “Better Connected: Government Support for Web3” and “Meet the Filecoin Foundation.” In both events, Smith and Quinn discussed the role governments have, will, and should (not) play in the evolution of sustainable blockchain protocols. Smith emphasized some of the top policy goals she believed should be addressed, including: how to classify different crypto-assets, clarity of tax code, and a clear legislative approach to crypto markets. Quinn highlighted that - unlike previous eras of internet and tech development - the (US) government has not been publicly active in funding the development of decentralized networks. Quinn noted that when money has come from institutions, it is coming largely from universities, research firms, and businesses rather than from government. This flow of funding has accelerated blockchain development, but there is a potential role for governments to provide additional support for the growth of the technology. One thing remained clear, however, when it comes to government involvement in blockchain technology. As Smith emphasized, it is critical that legislative measures that hurt blockchain development are not passed in the months and years to come. Director of Strategy of the Electronic Frontier Foundation Danny O’Brien echoed this sentiment in a later session. He emphasized that legislation that focuses on dismantling the power of big tech runs the risk of also crippling the growth of decentralized technology. If the secondary consequence of legislation against big tech is the dismantling of blockchain technology, the overall objective of returning power to the people is rendered null.

  官方版块--Filecoin Liftoff Week活动第五天回顾



  当被问及Filecoin在传统金融中应该扮演什么角色时,Anchorage总法律顾问Georgia Quinn回答了有关金融与区块链技术之间历史关系的争论。她认为,Filecoin和其他区块链平台所面临的问题是,早期形成的这个领域的术语是传统金融。已知但不精确的术语的使用产生了广泛的先入为主的观念,这些观念涉及什么是区块链技术以及其对金融行业的作用类型。作为刚刚宣布的Filecoin基金会的成员,Quinn的任务是回顾许多基于术语的对区块链技术和金融服务的误解,准确地描述区块链在金融中的作用。全球区块链商业委员会首席执行官Sandra Ro同意Quinn强调语言,消息传递和教育的重要性。她将Filecoin社区的角色定位为“走出去”,并将Filecoin的使命、价值和效用传播到世界其他地方。然而,这种信息传递成功的基础是一个共享的社区和共享的价值观。

  When asked about what role Filecoin should play in traditional finance, Anchorage General Council Georgia Quinn responded with an argument about the historical relationship between finance and blockchain technology. The issue that Filecoin and other blockchain platforms have, she argues, is that the nomenclature in this space that was formed early on was that of traditional finance. The use of known but imprecise nomenclature has created widespread preconceived notions about what blockchain technology is and the types of things it can do to the financial industry. As a member of the just-announcedFilecoin Foundation, Quinn will make it a mission of hers to rewind many of the nomenclature-based misconceptions of blockchain technology and financial services in the effort to accurately describe blockchain’s role in finance. CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council Sandra Ro agreed with Quinn’s emphasis on the importance of language, messaging, and education. She grounded the role of the Filecoin community in “getting out there” and spreading the mission, the value, and the utility of Filecoin to the rest of the world. Fundamental to the success of that messaging, however, is a shared community with shared values.

  官方版块--Filecoin Liftoff Week活动第五天回顾

  官方版块--Filecoin Liftoff Week活动第五天回顾



  说到共享社区,全天我们都在想Web3社区的规模和协作性。尽管本周的许多活动都与Filecoin的工具,应用程序和基础架构有关,但所有事情都鼓励了人们对共同参与的认识。当天早些时候,LongHash Ventures首席执行官Emma Cui,Tachyon Accelerator董事总经理GabrielAndreson和Gitcoin联合创始人Scott Moore谈到了他们的整合方式,并将Filecoin项目和团队整合到其加速器程序中。以太坊联合创始人Joe Lubin评论说:“我们这个社区中的许多人正在建立共同的论点,即这些协议可以互相操作。”只有彼此构建,我们才能成功实现去中心化网络的愿景。社区把我们带到了这一步,我们还有更多的事情要做。正如Juan Benet 在闭幕词中指出的那样,Filecoin是“建立在巨人的肩膀上”的。

  Speaking of shared community, throughout the day we were reminded how large and collaborative the Web3 community is. Though many of this week’s events have been about the tools, applications, and infrastructure of Filecoin, everything has bubbled up to the acknowledgement that we are all very much in this together. Earlier in the day,LongHash VenturesCEO Emma Cui,Tachyon AcceleratorManaging Director Gabriel Andreson, andGitcoinCo-founder Scott Moore talked about the ways they have integrated and will integrate Filecoin projects and teams into their accelerator programs. Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin commented, “Many of us in this community are building with the shared thesis that these protocols will interoperate.” Only by building with each other will we succeed in bringing to life the vision of the decentralized web. The community has brought us this far, and we have much more to achieve together. As Juan Benet noted in his closing keynote, Filecoin is “built on the shoulders of giants.”

  官方版块--Filecoin Liftoff Week活动第五天回顾



  今天是Filecoin升空周活动的最后一天。但这仅仅是Filecoin网络的开始。如果您想观看本周的任何演讲,可以在Filecoin YouTube上全部观看。我们非常感谢社区的建设者,投资者,矿工,企业家,激进主义者,开发商和布道者,他们将我们带入了主网启动以及本周的精彩活动中。我们迫不及待地期待着Filecoin网络和社区在未来几周、几个月、几年、几十年甚至更长的时间里的旅程。

  Today was our last day of the Filecoin Liftoff Week. But it’s just the beginning of the Filecoin network. If you want to watch any of the talks from this week, you can view them all on theFilecoin YouTube. We are immensely grateful to the community of builders, investors, miners, entrepreneurs, activists, developers, and evangelists who brought us to mainnet launch and this week of incredible events. We cannot wait for the journey of the Filecoin network and community in the weeks, months, years, decades, and more to come.






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