官方版块--Filecoin授予 Waves 4-5和Gitcoin补助金

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  官方版块--Filecoin授予 Waves 4-5和Gitcoin补助金


  As the Filecoin Ecosystem continues to grow, more projects are being developed that facilitate an exciting range of storage applications, developer tools and integration experiments.

  除了最近推出的FIL 以最大程度地鼓励在Filecoin上存储有用数据的激励措施以及正在进行的Slingshot存储竞赛的第二阶段之外,Filecoin开发资助计划也为有趣的用例和该协议的工具铺平了道路。在过去的一年中,开发资助计划迄今为止已向社区提交的140份提案中总共授予了40个项目。

  In addition to the recent launch ofFil to maximize incentives for storing useful data on Filecoin, and Phase 2 of the ongoingSlingshotstorage competition,Filecoin Dev Grantprojects are also paving the way for interesting use cases and tooling for the protocol. Over the past year, the Dev Grant program has awarded about 40 projects to date, out of 140 total proposals submitted by the community.

  官方版块--Filecoin授予 Waves 4-5和Gitcoin补助金

展望Wave 6

  对于存储应用程序,开发人员工具或实验项目想法有一个有趣的想法吗?Wave 6的拨款申请于太平洋标准时间1月15日23:59截止提交,以进行优先考虑。通过对开发者拨款回购进行PR,在filecoin.io/grants上进行申请。

  Have an interesting idea for a storage application, developer tool or experimental project idea?Grant proposals for Wave 6 are due Jan 15that 23:59 PDT for priority consideration. Apply atfilecoin.io/grantsby making a PR to the dev grants repo.

  Liftoff Miner Tooling RFP Apollo Storage Dapps


  We’re deeply grateful to the Filecoin mining community for their participation in the network and for making both theSpaceRace testnet competitionandFilecoin mainnet launchhighly successful. As the protocol and network evolve, our hope is to see miner experience improve alongside a robust, diverse mining community fortifying the storage market and future retrieval market. This can be complemented by a spectrum of far-reaching storage clients.

  官方版块--Filecoin授予 Waves 4-5和Gitcoin补助金


  To that end, we would like to announce Filecoin’s participation in the currentGitcoin Grants Round 8with two categories dedicated to Filecoin:


  Filecoin dapp的Apollo赠款,包括Apollo Builders计划中的多个项目

  上述两个类别的协议实验室提供的Gitcoin Grants CLR计划的一部分都可以提供高达15万美元的二次匹配,用于公共产品。此外,您可以对自己喜欢的提案进行投票,仅贡献一个DAI即可对CLR二次贡献产生影响。您还可以提出自己的项目构想,并查看针对矿工工具的开放RFP。

  Both of the above categories have up to $150k in quadratic matching from Protocol Labs available as part of theGitcoin Grants CLRprogram for public goods. In addition, you can vote on your favorite proposals - contributing just one DAI can have an impact with CLR quadratic contributions. You can also suggest your own project idea and review the open RFPs for miner tools.

  我们已经批准了一些激动人心的项目,包括Lotus Farcaster以及即将推出的加油站分析工具 实时内存池浏览器。此外,还有其他有趣的矿工工具RFP,其中包括矿工教程,博客、vlog和高级主题的有用文档。

  We have already approved some exciting projects includingLotus Farcaster(an open source monitoring dashboard for miners), and an upcoming Gas Station analysis tool live mempool explorer. Additionally, there areother interesting miner tools RFPsincluding one for miner tutorials, blogs / vlogs and helpful documentation on advanced topics.

  如果您有兴趣支持或构建工具以进一步开发Filecoin采矿和存储dapp,Liftoff和Apollo Grants将开放供您捐款和提出新提案,直到1月15日。可以通过Filecoin开发资助或Gitcoin资助,创建资助链接来提出建议。

  If you are interested in supporting or building tools to further Filecoin mining and storage dapps, the Liftoff and Apollo Grants will beopen for contributions and new proposals until January 15th. Proposals can be made either via theFilecoin dev grants repoor via theGitcoin Grants - Create a Grantlink.

  Wave 4 & 5赠款接受者项目

  我们很高兴收到Filecoin开发资助计划Wave 4和Wave 5的大量建议,这反映了大家广泛的想法和一个非常有才华的多元化社区。尽管我们不能接受所有建议,但我们很高兴宣布已选定的以下项目,并鼓励所有开发人员申请Wave 6。

  We are grateful to have received a large number of proposals for Wave 4 and 5 of the Filecoin Dev Grant program - reflecting a broad range of ideas and an incredibly talented and diverse community. While we cannot accept all proposals, we are thrilled to announce the following projects that have been selected and encourage all developers to apply to Wave 6.

  官方版块--Filecoin授予 Waves 4-5和Gitcoin补助金

  Wave 4

  我们收到了29个提案,以响应我们的Wave 4 RFP以及公开主题,并选择了10个接收者团队。这些范围包括Filecoin与流行的现有IPFS开发工具(如OrbitDB)集成,对ENS和DID中Filecoin地址的支持,对与以太坊跨链集成的早期支持,Filecoin证明库优化和针对社交媒体的有趣数据平台集成数据,视频和立法政府档案。项目列表包括:

  We received 29 proposals in response to ourWave 4 RFPsas well as on open topics and selected 10 recipient teams. These range from Filecoin integration with popular existing developer tools for IPFS like OrbitDB, to support for Filecoin addresses in ENS and DIDs, early support for cross-chain integration with Ethereum, as well as Filecoin proof library optimizations and interesting data platform integrations for social media data, video and legislative government archives. The list of projects include:

  OrbitDB Filecoin集成

  Filecoin DID链接和认证以及在Filecoin上固定陶瓷文档






  Filecoin 视频加密上的Livetree跟踪元数据




  Wave 5

  Wave 5和未来的Filecoin开发补助金现在由新成立的Filecoin基金会管理并提供资金,并由协议实验室提供持续的技术咨询。该基金会是一个独立的组织,致力于通过支持开源软件和社区计划来培养Filecoin生态系统。

  Wave 5 and future Filecoin Dev Grants are now managed and funded by the newly formedFilecoin Foundationwith continued technical advisory from Protocol Labs. The Foundation is an independent organization dedicated to cultivating the Filecoin ecosystem by supporting open source software and community initiatives.

  官方版块--Filecoin授予 Waves 4-5和Gitcoin补助金

  Wave 5的关键主题是支持引导网络的新生需求并改善挖掘体验。在总共25项提案中,选择了以下6项:

  Key themes for Wave 5 were to support bootstrapping the nascent demand side of the network and improving mining experience. Out of a total of 25 proposals, the following 6 were selected:


  Nelumbo-用于本地Filecoin devnet的MacOS桌面客户端



  Open Miner Marketplace-Filecoin挖掘的社会声誉



  请注意,所有Filecoin开发补助金都是在Apache 2.0和MIT双重许可下开源的,这些项目的仓库都与Github上的Filecoin Shipyard链接。我们一直在寻找有趣和有价值的项目,这些项目可以帮助改善Filecoin协议以及开发人员和矿工的体验。

  Note that all Filecoin Dev Grants are open sourced under dual Apache 2.0 and MIT licenses and repos for these projects linked to theFilecoin Shipyard on Github. We’re constantly on the lookout for interesting and valuable projects that can help improve the Filecoin protocol as well as developer and miner experience.


  We look forward to many more exciting dev contributions to Filecoin in 2021!




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